Significant Features of Single Colour LED Tape

If you are looking for an innovative approach in imparting ambience to your home or office, then the perfect option to consider is the single colour LED Tape lighting. Single colored LED tapes can be used in diverse applications, both for aesthetic and practical purposes. These luminaries provide subtle colors which can be utilized to compliment or uplift any aesthetic facet which is in existence in your room. The lighting from LED tapes is best for creating alluring ambience. They can even be installed and used for primary lighting in a room or space. Task lighting for various utilitarian purposes might also be benefited from the LED light fixtures. Despite of the fact, how you choose to utilize your LED fittings, you are assured to have best benefits by installing LED lights. This is because they are easy to install, energy efficient, flexible and compact and even versatile to use.

Facts to know

One of the most important components of single color LED tape is the flexible strip. This is in the form of long ribbon flexible circuit board that has small SMDs i.e. surface mounted device. The SMD resembles that of small yellow colored squares. The SMD comes in two different varieties. They are 3528 and 5050. Larger the number of LEDs make the light brighter and it makes the energy more intensive.


The Wholesale Single colour LED tape features evenly spaced cutting points along its length. The amazing feature of LED tape is that even when you cut it, the tape remains like a closed circuit and continues to work. All these LED strips runs at quite lower voltage which means they just require 12V transformer in order to work.

The single color LED ribbon is mainly available in two different color temperatures one is the cool light and other is the warm light. The warm light is suitable for climatic lighting as it produces soft colored light and cool white light is used for accenting effect.

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Colour Changing LED Tape – A Choice of Décor Enthusiasts

LEDs have become the preferred choice of the electronics and lighting majors around the world for developing home lights and decoration consoles of fine applicative value. Such diverse are the benefits of Light Emitting Diodes over the existent array of products that the transition is swift enough both for the manufacturing vertical and for the buyers of all types. Some two decades ago LEDs began to appear as smart and durable indicators in our electrical appliances and then after dedicated interventions brought these components into the matrix of central lighting products and décor items of finesse. LED tapes have become popular and are being marketed as iconic, durable and economical products; well, the demand is also surging fast for use in occasional lighting and home ambiences. Colour changing LED tape is another refined product that is made of special resins that generate diverse color themes in a programmed rhythm through a circuit.

Color Changing LED Tape – A Choice of Décor Enthusiasts

LED Tapes – Great for Façade Decoration

As for mono color and colour changing LED tape, showrooms and shops have emerged as popular buyers. For them, this product is highly economical option to add charms and attraction to their façade and interiors. Event decorators have also been relying on LED tapes for generating desired themes either by wrapping green LED tape around the tree or setting a vibrant colorful stage for the couple during marriage occasions.

The Demand Building up Fast –

The creativity involved in the manufacture of monochromatic and colour changing LED tape and allied products of décor is equally resonated at the user’s end, for they are also busy finding out their use as novelties. The market therefore continues with its LED fancy and the optimizations are far from away. The people have just begun to have a look on the available choices and determine theirs. On the other hand the quality and tech driven companies are busy in the race to produce more attractive LED consoles so as to grab early lead.

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