Extremely Small And Flexible Led Tape Lights

LED is light emitting diode; this semiconductor emits the light with the help of electro-luminescence process. So this main factor makes your LED lights are durable and long lasting. Unlike the fluorescent and incandescent, there are no gasses inside and also glass tubes. This unit is not under any gas or pressure and difficult to break. Especially with the tape light, the size what makes this advanced technology most impressive. With the fast development of Led technologies, you can get the extremely small LED lights, which are conveniently fitted within a hole, crack or crevice. The best thing about the LED tapes is that is spread of light you receive from.

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Benefits of LED tape lights

The LED tapes are fantastic products and you can use this in both residential and large commercial lighting applications. These LED lights will generate very little heat and also cool to touch. So by using the LED tape at http://www.ledtape.co.uk , you can effectively prevent the fire hazards. You can use these LED light sources for a wide variety of applications.

You can also avail the multicolored tape lights, as these lights can be made to certain color requirements. So you can change your whole room to any color with the use of LED lights. These LED lights fit almost anywhere, includes extremely in your bathroom and also the kitchen. This due to, it is available with waterproof sealing.

What makes the LED Tape lights from the online retail website http://www.ledtape.co.uk are versatile and unique that is can be Cuttable as per your required length. These fabulous LED light application products are also flexible as it can fold for a 90 degree bend. Some of the factors that you need to consider while buying the tape lights include voltage, IP rating, size and type of the LED and so on.


Things To Consider When Purchasing LED Tape

LED tape is available in different kinds; hence, it is worth ensuring the kind you purchase meets the needs of your project. The following are some of the important things that you need to consider while buying LED tape:


LED Tape is available in two important varieties. They are single colour LED Tape and colour changing RGB Tape. The single colour tape also known as white LED Tape comes in Cool white and warm white that are referred as colour temperatures. The colour temperatures are particular shades of whites. Cool White colour tape is a plain, daylight-like colour light while warm white colour tape is a smooth, amber coloured light.

Colour changing RGB LED Tape is more advanced model. It offers user to enjoy changeable ambience with the support of remote control. This model is usually available in four colour modes and sixteen static colours with customizable speed and brightness settings.

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All kinds of LED tapes can be split into certain lengths, generally at distances of 5 cm or 10 cm, based on the kind of LED tape. You can specify your required measurements to your seller and they can offer you the tapes with the specified length. Hence, before you purchase the tape, just measure the place into which you decide to fit the light.


LED tapes come in several types of brightness. Selecting one, which is appropriate for a particular function, can be tricky. The LED Tape brightness is discovered by the dimension of the LED chips and number of LED tapes per meter.

The light emitted by LED tape is usually measured in ‘lumens’ and it is not easier for everyone to measure. In order to make things simpler, the LED tape brightness is divided into three major categories:

  1. Low brightness
  2. Medium brightness
  3. High Brightness

LED Tape with low brightness offers modest light and it is perfect for places where heavy light is not demanded. LED Tape with medium brightness is suitable for making subtle lighting effects. LED tape with high brightness is suitable for background illumination applications. If you like to purchase any kind of LED tapes, LED Tape.co.uk is the perfect place. To know more about these lightings, just click the link http://www.ledtape.co.uk/.

Advantages Of LED Lights At Home

LED strip lights are highly versatile in nature and adds creative look to your home. Basically there are three different types of these LED lights available for purchasing. Single color light is either in warm white color or cool white color, color changing RGB color and single color available in multi colors. White is generally used for majority of house as it gives cooling effect.

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There are 5 uses of LED lights in house and they are as follows:

  • Lightening of kitchen cabinets

Any dark areas in the kitchen can be avoided now with the availability of LED strip or tape lights as they can be easily attached underneath the kitchen cabinets. One of the greatest advantages of LED lights as compared to that of regular lights is that LED lights can be cut into required length and gives equal brightness to the entire area. They are very much economical as it consumes less electrical power.

  • Display shelve sat home

With the availability of tape lights, it is easy to solve the problem of lighting of book shelves and other display shelves in kitchen area.

  • Lighting at corners

As far lighting is considered, obviously curved areas are problematic and this can be overcome with the help of Flexible Led lights.

  • Lightening of bar areas

You can change the look of your bar areas with suitable LED lights. You can choose the color of LED lights as per the interior design.

  • Even lighting is very much helpful in the case of workshops and other such related areas.

As we all know that LED lights are quite easy to install and can be used to create right sort of lightings for detailed work wherever you need it, you can use these lights to have amazing lighting effect. LED tape lights are easy to install and require transformer in order to adjust voltage requirements. Take advices from your Wholesale LED suppliers or the electrician and make sure that you have the right components for installation of tape lights.

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